Hides Your Clutter in Plain Sight with habby Chic Decor

Don’t think you are the only one around who has too much junk. We are all slobs at heart. Perhaps the advice you’ve gotten for decorating your home’s interior is “throw it all away.” But I disagree. You can keep your clutter–just make it look like art.

Shabby Chic Décor

Some of us just don’t do well with the ice-cold contemporary look of Swedish modern décor. The clean lines and neatly designed coffee tabletops stay beautiful for about three days after the interior designer leaves. Then the extra magazines start sneaking into the picture. My advice for decorating your interior is “Hide it in plain sight.” (more…)

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Not All Home Decor is Permanent

Of course you give your house the best cleaning effort when you are expecting guests. What about redecorating just for the visitors? But have you ever considered redecorating your home interior just for a party?

Let Lance give you an interior decorating tip: try it. You may like your results. Having company is a good excuse for experimenting with decorating your home’s interior. If you think that all home decorating ideas involve replacing your furniture, ordering new drapes and painting the whole place, you need this interior decorating tip. (more…)

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Things to know about Laminate and Harwood Flooring

Wood floors never go out of style. They come in variety of styles and can add to your property value. Cheap Hardwood floors are available in several kinds of materials. Even environmentally sound options that are produced from sustainable forests are available, reclaimed wood is also available. If you are planning to install new wood flooring make sure you choose a wood that not only blends with the look you want for your home but also is dimensionally stable for your region.
Materials and price

Woods are available in a variety of stains, widths and finishes. Wooden planks can be either engineered wood or solid wood. Engineered woods can be directly affixed to a concrete floor, solid wood on the other hand needs a subfloor of plywood to be affixed. Always seek the help of professionals when you are getting wood floors affixed in your house.
Maintenance and Refinishing of wooden floors. (more…)

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Luxury bathroom with less Budet

Everyone dreams of having the most luxurious bathroom in the world. They want something that makes them feel comfortable and at peace every time they go to one of the most important rooms in the house. The only problem is that people seem to think having luxurious bathroom suites are way too expensive and out of their range.

They feel that they have to hire all kinds of people to come into their home and do all the work, when the reality is that you can do almost, if not all, the work yourself and save the money to spend on the furnishings.


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