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Creating The Ideal Fitness Facility In Your Garage

Have you recently made a commitment to exercise more whilst being home throughout the lockdown, but failed? Did you happen to blame your lack of motivation to exercise on being unable to find the time to exercise? You wouldn’t be the only one. It seems as though the number one reason people attribute to not exercising is the lack of time they have to spare. Even if you did manage to cut out an hour of your schedule for fitness, do you truly feel comfortable returning to your local gym amongst your states’ lockdown restrictions? This has prompted many around the world to convert their home’s garage into a home fitness facility.

If you believe a similar transformation would benefit you, take a peek at your garage and the available space. If you currently live in a warmer climate, your garage likely has some extra space for you to occupy. If you live in a cooler climate, perhaps you may have to sacrifice some space that you’d otherwise occupy with your family’s vehicles. Whatever the case may be, prior to transforming your garage into your dream fitness facility, consider these questions:

How Much Can You Spend? Your budget for this transformation should be the first thing you consider. Will you have to make any changes to improve the structural integrity of your garage? Or can you focus primarily on purchasing the equipment you’ll be using on a regular basis? Assess the condition of your garage and the equipment you may already own prior to making any decisions.

How Much Space is Available? Everyone’s garage is different, but truly consider just how much space you have to create your ideal at home fitness facility. If your family’s vehicles or belongings that occupy the garage take up too much of the space you’d need to exercise, you may have to consider finding an alternative means to storing your family’s goods prior to creating your perfect at-home gym.

What Else Is Stored In Your Garage? As previously mentioned, it’s very common for families to use their garage as a mini storage facility for various goods. Lawn care products, tools and work benches, holiday decorations, whatever the case might be. Your garage can become extremely cluttered. In order to maximize the space available for your gym, consider investing in sturdy anti-shake overhead storage racks that can hold these products or the equipment you plan to purchase for your at-home gym.

What Equipment Will You Be Using? Do you already own any fitness equipment to use? Or will you have to purchase brand new equipment? Prior to purchasing new equipment, consider your fitness goals and priorities. Do you wish to burn calories and improve cardiovascular health? Perhaps a treadmill or an elliptical is the best choice for you. Do you want to build muscle and decrease body fat? A weight bench and some free weights are likely your best choice. If you’re hoping to avoid breaking the bank, inexpensive options such as resistance bands and yoga mats are also excellent choices.

Even if you encounter challenges while developing your dream at-home fitness facility, know that the struggle will be worth it. You will see a positive impact on your health once all is said and done. For more information on how to convert your garage into the best home gym that you can, check out the featured infographic below. Courtesy of Good Garage

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