Finding the Best Shades for Your Home

You might not think about it when you buy it, but almost every detail in your home can come down to personal preferences and tastes. Even things like shades that you might not think twice about may present some tough decisions when it comes to replacing them. Here are some sleek, common types of shades you may want to consider when picking new ones.

Automated Shades

If your house is full of windows, there’s nothing more satisfying than being able to roll up all the shades at once with the click of a button. This modern twist on an old classic can provide convenience, save time and even be programmed to go up or down at specific times throughout the day. If you’re interested in searching for quality automated shades, try googling companies that specialize in them (e.g. “automatic shades new york”).

Blackout Shades

The sun can be a pesky thing, can’t it? Fortunately, blackout shades provide the ultimate darkness to your home that light can’t penetrate. They’re excellent for late sleepers in bedrooms (or any bedroom belonging to someone who doesn’t want to rise with the sun). If children are in need of a nap or employees working the night shift need a dark place to sleep in the middle of the day, blackout shades are the way to go.

Sliding Doors with Built-In Shades

You’ve probably dealt with the long, sliding shades needed to cover an entire sliding door. Wouldn’t it be nice to have them ready to go in the doors themselves? Some sliding glass doors come with this option, removing the need to clean the shades or worry about the cord with children. Not to mention being able to control exactly how much of the door is concealed for your personal privacy.

Whether you’re looking for shades for windows or doors, consider some of these modern options. They can offer convenience and a classy appearance all in one.

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