Hides Your Clutter in Plain Sight with habby Chic Decor

Don’t think you are the only one around who has too much junk. We are all slobs at heart. Perhaps the advice you’ve gotten for decorating your home’s interior is “throw it all away.” But I disagree. You can keep your clutter–just make it look like art.

Shabby Chic Décor

Some of us just don’t do well with the ice-cold contemporary look of Swedish modern décor. The clean lines and neatly designed coffee tabletops stay beautiful for about three days after the interior designer leaves. Then the extra magazines start sneaking into the picture. My advice for decorating your interior is “Hide it in plain sight.”

Window sills and narrow shelves are excellent places to stand your small vases and trinkets. Ask your interior designer where to buy museum wax or earthquake gum to stick your treasures to the shelves. Do you have postcards, unframed photos, drawings, and amusing bumper stickers you don’t want to throw away? A good interior decorating idea is to cover one section of wall with floor to ceiling cork. Suddenly all that muddle has become art.

Country Mailboxes

Where can you put all the gloves, hats, notebooks, keys, school books and other clutter the family puts in the front hallway so they won’t forget them? A nice primitive touch from the shabby chic décor school of design is to install a stack of brightly painted country style mailboxes near the door. You can even paint each family member’s name on one of the boxes. You might have to clean out a half-eaten sandwich from time to time, but it is a better interior decorating idea than having all that mess on a table by the door.

I say, let the clutter live, just arrange it well!

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