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How To Pick Lighting for Your Home Office

When working from home, it is important to create an office space that makes you happy. You want your office to be functional, relaxing and stylish. Choosing the right lighting can help you achieve those goals.

1. Location of the Light Source

Where light is coming from can make a big difference in the functionality and appearance of your space. For example, if you regularly participate in video calls, a light or window directly behind you can create too much backlighting, making your face difficult to see on camera. Lights positioned behind you can also create glares or unwanted reflections on computer screens. However, a light positioned directly in front of you can cause overexposure in videos and eye strain while working. Instead, consider gentle overhead Hudson Valley lighting Tampa FL or a desk or floor lamp.

2. Your Needs

When choosing lighting for your office, you should consider your needs. If you do a lot of detail work or work on small objects, you may want a moveable desk lamp that can provide a focused beam of light on your projects. If you work primarily on a computer, you may want to opt for more soft lighting to counterbalance the harsh light from your computer screen.

3. Your Style

Once you’ve picked a home office design that fits your style, you can use lighting to achieve your desired look. Lighting is an excellent tool for decorating rooms because it’s both beautiful and functional. There are endless decorative lighting designs to compliment anyone’s style. You can use lamps and light fixtures as statement pieces, direct light to draw attention to certain areas or use various levels of lighting to create the ambiance you want.

Carefully choosing lighting based on the location of the light source, your needs and your style will help you create an office space that is both stylish and practical.

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