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How to Take Great Care of Your Rugs

Purchasing a high-quality rug is a great way to make your house or apartment feel extra cozy and homey. Rugs’ softness and plushness make hardwood floors feel less chilly, and their bright colors and cheerful patterns add extra life to any room. Read on for three ways to keep your rugs in great condition.

Institute a “No Shoes” Policy at Home

Not only does walking around your home in the same shoes that you wear out in the world cause you along with family members and guests to track in germs, but walking across your rugs can cause them to wear out prematurely. Stick to socks or slippers whenever possible.

Get Them Cleaned Regularly

In order to extend the life of your rugs, consider taking to them a professional cleaner. Unlike sheets, towels, clothing and other materials that can be safely washed at home using a standard machine, rugs need to be treated for color run removal Portland, dry soil removal and more. The cleaning of a rug is a complex task that should be supervised by those who have access to the appropriate equipment and are fully trained in the process. Note that, while trusted professionals should handle full-scale cleaning, you absolutely can spot-treat any spills (and should do so immediately in order to avoid permanent stains).

Don’t Forget to Vacuum

Believe it or not, vacuuming isn’t just about doing away with pesky crumbs, pet hair and other dirt. Running the vacuum multiple times each week does wonders to extend the life of both rugs and carpet since the dirt and gravel that accumulates as a result of normal day-to-day use can actually lodge within fibers and create damage.

Rugs are an invaluable part of home d├ęcor and, when treated with the proper care, can even be passed down through generations. Take proper care of your rugs to ensure that they remain gorgeous and vibrant for years to come.

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