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Installing an Inground Swimming Pool

When the weather gets hot, you will want to find a place to cool down and enjoy the sun. Installing an inground pool in your backyard gives you a place to escape while also providing a place to entertain family and friends. Here are a few tips to installing pools pittsburgh area.

Follow the Rules

Before you go shopping to pick out the pool you want, apply for the permits you will need to install it. Contact the utility departments before you dig so that they can mark where the gas, electric, cable and water lines are. Contact your insurance carrier to see if there are any restrictions on your homeowners policy concerning swimming pools. You may have to put a fence up along with the pool.

Get Your Supplies

Once you have your permits, you can go shop for the pool you want. Keep in mind the dimensions of your property when choosing so that you get one that fits while leaving some green space around it. Choose a reliable circulation pump to install with the pool to help keep the water clean. If you plan to pour a patio around the pool, you will want to pick up the concrete and other materials to do that as well.

Dig the Pool

When you are ready, choose the spot to have your pool. You will want to find a sunny space on a flat area so that the sun can naturally warm it. You will also want to keep it away from overhead power lines the best you can. Rent the machinery you will need to dig the hole for the pool. Once it is deep enough to match the depth of the pool, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the pool to drop it into the ground and finish the project.

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