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Methods to Keep Your Home Safe From Burglaries

Imagine this: after a long, stressful day, you return to your home or apartment and realize you’ve been robbed. Some of your favorite possessions have been stolen, and there’s no trace of who has taken them. As uncommon as you may think these situations are, you’d be shocked to find out just how frequently these sorts of burglaries occur. Nearly 2.5 million robberies occur every year, which is nearly 10,000 robberies per day.

Perhaps the scariest statistic concerning these burglaries is that nearly two-thirds of them occur in residential areas. Unfortunately, this means any home can be the victim of a senseless robbery. In most cases, as the most common times break-ins occur are between 6:00 A.M and 6:00 P.M on weekdays, your family will likely be away from the home. Most of these burglars are quick as well, with the average time of robbery taking only eight to ten minutes. A majority of these break-ins are costly, as well. On average, homes robbed are at a loss of nearly $2,500. Research suggests that in the next 20 years, three out of four homes will be robbed. Even considering how costly these robberies can be, a majority of homeowners have yet to install any sort of security system.

Any security measure is a good investment for the sake of your home; however a few stand out amongst the crowd. Alarm systems are an excellent foundation to a safer home. These systems are so influential on a home’s safety, that even burglars tend to avoid homes with them installed. One study indicated that four in five burglars checked homes for security systems prior to breaking in. 60% of those who had noticed an alarm system indicated they’d continue their search for a home without one. These security systems also give burglars pause mid break-in, as this same study indicated that half of those who noticed the system mid break-in would exit the home and never return.

Another effective method that families have incorporated to mitigate their risk of burglary is through video doorbells. Nearly one in every five homes have one of these video doorbells installed. Alternatively, there are companies that offer security-based services related to home burglaries as well. Nearly 17% of homeowners employ these companies to keep their homes secure through professional monitoring. There are also families that prefer monitoring their own security systems, but the challenge there comes from determining where the best place to utilize the cameras used with these systems.

Some of the most common places that these cameras are installed are nearest all entryways of the home. Back doors, side doors, and a home’s front door. Some families even insist on some cameras covering the ground level windows of their homes. A camera dedicated to the space surrounding a home’s garage is also very common. However, as with anything meant to protect your family, it is best to keep these cameras out of plain sight. Somewhere hidden enough to not be obvious but keep your family safe is the goal. For more information about keeping your family and home safe, be sure to view the infographic accompanied with this post, Courtesy of Security Doctors.

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