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My Frugal Attitude

If I take a good look at my own financial situation and the financial situations of those close to me, I know there are areas that could use some improvement.  Being frugal becomes an attitude of you really have to want it just like you would want anything else in your life.  To be successful in life and your goals takes dedication and sometimes hard work.  The same applies to being frugal.  Learning to be frugal takes time, sometimes hard word and dedication.

One of our writers Kristine is learning to use coupons and sharing her experience with us as she goes.   Kristine seems to have the same attitude I had prior to using coupons – it’s going to take more time then it’s worth.  I will confess that it took me many hours of research trying to learn the secret to couponing but in the end I felt it was well worth it.   After a few shopping trips and saving $2, $5, $50; I actually was amazed and realized just how much money I’ve been wasting all these years.  I’m excited to see how this turns out for Kristine and if some of us have convinced her it is well worth the time.

Whether you’re cutting coupons, finding ways to cut back on expenses or learning to set-up a budget, it’s going to take time and dedication.  If you really want to see these things work for you, you really have to give yourself time to apply them in your everyday life.  You really have to have the attitude that you want it.  Have a mindset that you are going to make this work for you.

When you start seeing the end result it really is a good motivator to keep you on track and moving on to your next financial goal.

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