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Natural Mosquitos Repellent

As we all know monsoon weather is very beautiful and pleasant. It is breezy so we all loved it. And there is one problem with monsoon that it attracts mosquitoes also. Whether we are young or aged or of any age we all have problem from mosquitoes. So, today we are making a very natural and quick 2 min DIY spray which is very easy and the best part is it is totally natural and no chemical is used in it. You can use it on plants, your bed, which will cause good fragrance at your place. As you all know due to monsoon there is false smell at home. This spray is helpful for that purpose too because it has a very peasant fragrance and your home will have a fresh fragrance all the time if you use the spray. This is quite easy and affordable. One of the best thing about this spray is it is very affordable and it is used by all age group people especially your kids.

So, lets see how to make this spray. All you need is water, lemon grass essential oil and 2 spray bottles. So, here we are using Lemongrass essential oil. Here we have taken 2 spry bottles, one big and one small. Now we need some water. will add 18-20 drops of Lemongrass essential oil in the water. I have taken distilled water and now have to mix it. We have to continuously stir it till it is fully mixed in water. Till it gets completely mixed in the water, please keep on stirring it. As it is oil it takes time to mix up in the water. Now it is ready. I have poured it in a big and small bottle. So, as you can see our spray is absolutely ready and I have used both spray bottles. Now you must be having doubts that why I have used one small and one big spray bottle. This is because you can carry small one in your purse and it is quite small and handy which makes it easy to carry in your purse. You have to shake it while using and this way you can use it. This smells heavenly and I just absolutely love the fragrance.

The Lemongrass essential oil that I have used has amazing fragrance. It gives a very fresh smell and i absolutely love it. and the second one which I have made is for household use you can spray that on your mattress, pillow, curtains, kid’s clothes and wherever you want to spray. Even you can spray that on plants. It is so easy and if you think the fragrance has gone you can spray it again. This doesn’t have any harmful effects on the skin. So, not only is it natural but also convenient. As we just need only 2 ingredients that is essential oil and water mixed together. Our spray is fully ready. You should try this spray for sure. If you wanna buy the essential oil from Satthwa. I will give you the link in description box below. You can checkout from there and can purchase from there. This product is very affordable.

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