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Solar Power for Motorized Window Blinds

Motorized blinds have become increasingly popular with both residential and commercial users, and the growing popularity of smart home automation suggests that they will be here to stay. However, to power these motors most users will have just two options – a mains electricity supply or a battery, and, while the battery option saves the customer from having an ugly cable trailing between the blind and the nearest plug socket, it will still require regular recharging and this prospect can put many people of the idea entirely – and this is where the solar panels come into equation.

They are small and sleek enough to sit in your customer’s window without being in the way or, in most cases, even being noticed. Yet they are large enough to keep the batteries from going flat. We currently stock two solar panels a small 1.4 watt panel and its larger 3 watt counterpart. Which to use and when largely depends on the size of the motor. For example we wouldn’t recommend using the small panel to support one of our 55mm Dream motors. Installation of the panel is simple – they’re all supplied with all the fixings you need and even some sticky pads. Fix the panel directly to the recess wall or use the adjustable swivel bracket to position it in the best place to catch as much light as possible.

Once the panel is fixed, just plug it into your battery and it’s done. One thing to remember is that these panels are capable of fully charging the batteries but the time this will take is greatly affected by the factors such as position weather and, most crucially, how much direct sunlight they are exposed to.

We found that the best approach is to fully charge the battery before installation is completed then you can be confident that the solar panel will keep your customers blinds from running out of juice. And that’s our solar panel in a nutshell. It will keep your customers blinds ticking over without any cables or inconvenience. Perfect for blinds that are just a little too far out of reach for manual operation or connecting to a main supply. If you have any comments questions or suggestions, we’d love to hear them you can get in touch online.


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