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What to Do When You Acquire a Rundown Home

Did you just inherit an old, rundown home from your long-lost great uncle? Or did you find an amazing deal on an older home that you simply couldn’t ignore? While there are plenty of merits to having a home like this, it’s entirely possible it’s just a fixer-upper right now. Don’t get overwhelmed, though. You can easily wade through the process of updating the home and making it livable and hopefully even a point of pride if you go about it with a systematic approach. Among the long list of steps to take, consider the following.

Check for Pests

If the home has been sitting uninhabited for a while, or even if it was recently inhabited but it’s just in slight disrepair, it’s a great idea to check for pests. You may need to call a termite inspector or even a rat exterminator Salem OR to help with whatever problem you may find. Hopefully your home is free and clear, but if not, a quick visit from an exterminator should be able to help.

Inspect the Roof

A roof lasts for a long time, but chances are that if the home looks rundown, the roof hasn’t been inspected recently. You can always wait until the first rain storm to see if there are any leaks, but a safer technique is to hire a roofer to inspect it and offer and suggestions for improvements. The roof is one of the most crucial parts of a home, so it’s best to make sure it’s sturdy and reliable.

Do a Deep Cleaning

Sometimes it’s easy to get overwhelmed when you walk into a home and all you see is a mess. A good, thorough deep cleaning of your new home could help you see what’s just dirty and what is actually damage in need of repair. If possible, you can gather your friends and family to help with a cleaning day, or if it’s too terrible, you could hire a professional company. Clean the home, then figure out what actually needs your attention.

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