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What To Look for in Your Next East Side Manhattan Apartment

Now is a great time to find summer deals and move-in specials for apartment rentals in East Manhattan. The area is at the heart of one of NYC’s most vibrant communities. Entertainment, shopping, culture and nature are all within reach, whether on foot, via transit or using the city’s bike-share program, Citi Bike.

It is a renter’s market but looking for the right place can be overwhelming. Narrow your search to those places that offer the types of features and amenities that suit your lifestyle.

Important Features

When looking for your next apartment, you want a place that provides a friendly and safe environment. Some key features can make the difference in private park apartments in East Side Manhattan:

  • Dedicated safety personnel
  • On-site laundry facilities
  • Parking garage
  • Concierge services
  • Multiple apartment sizes and layouts
  • Up-to-date, modern appliances
  • Playgrounds and fitness centers
  • Storage units

Additional Perks

It’s often the amenities that can tip the scale in favor of one apartment over other options. The extra perks can enrich your living experience. When you lead a busy life, it might be nice to have some conveniences that you do not have to go out for. A café right on the property makes it easy to go for a latte or a change of scenery when working from home. Likewise, nearby grocery stores that deliver or on-site markets can save time shopping.

Recreational amenities are also important factors to consider. When you like to get out for some exercise, local trails are a great perk. For those who entertain regularly, look for a place that offers rental space for large events. If you like to be involved in your neighborhood, seek out those locations that encourage a sense of community and provide opportunities to get together with your neighbors.

If you are looking for a new space in Manhattan, you will find a great array of options. Narrow down your choices to those that offer you the features and amenities that will turn a place to live into a home to love.

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