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3 Food Display Ideas

Enticing customers with a fantastic prepared foods section or buffet area takes more than just making delicious cuisine. The food needs to be presented in an appealing way that also prevents it from becoming spoiled.

1. Soup Bars

A staple of nearly every culture on earth, soup is a beloved type of food that is enjoyed by nearly everyone. As the aroma of assorted soups permeates the surrounding area, people will be drawn to the soup bar equipment. A rotating selection will keep customers coming back for more soup of the day.

2. Salad Bars

Crisp vegetables displayed in attractive trays will encourage people to get the most out of their salad. The displays can be as large or small as needed for the space they will occupy. An assortment of vegetables can be available for people to make their own salad, alongside other cold dishes like premade potato and pasta salads. Use bottled salad dressings or make them in-house for a wonderful kick of flavor.

3. Ice Tables

Show off meats, seafood or produce for sale on an ice table. Keep watermelon cold on hot summer days near the entrance of the store. Tables can be used behind counters for the benefit of employees who need an extra storage and preparation area or be put out on the floor for customer use. Get creative with an oyster shucking station, complete with a shelf for sauces and a bin for shells. Customers will get a kick out of watching their food be prepared in front of them when the station is being run.

One of the most important parts about being in the food industry is making sure that food is stored and displayed safely. By using a correctly heated or cooled station as needed, it can keep food fresher for longer periods of time, while also creating attractive displays for the customers.

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