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3 Important Benefits of Giving Your Tree a Professional Maintenance

Your yard and more extraordinary property benefit much from the trees you have. Few houses or businesses appear complete without a few strategically placed trees, which add value to your residential or commercial landscaping while providing shade and aesthetic appeal to your lawn. However, simply planting a tree won’t be enough. Make sure they get regular trimming as well if you want your trees to continue growing for years to come. Having your tree professionally maintained is a good idea for many reasons. These benefits include increased photosynthesis, lowered water bills, and enhanced appearance. It also reduces the need for watering, so you can spend more time outside enjoying your tree. A regularly maintained tree is also less likely to be a target for criminal activity. The following list covers the top advantages of hiring a pro for tree trimming. 

Improves The Appearance

Trees require a lot of maintenance throughout the year to stay healthy and attractive. This preventative care prevents the spread of diseases that can ruin their beauty. It also helps them to withstand strong winds and to avoid damage to properties. Preventive tree care is also essential for improving the curb appeal of your property. If you follow a few simple guidelines, you can ensure your trees stay in good shape year-round.

Trees can heal themselves over time but are more susceptible to diseases if they are not kept in good health. Regular inspections by an arborist can help you avoid the risk of infections and pest infestations. These experts also check the condition of every part of your tree to maintain the right conditions for growth. Experts offer local tree services fairfield ct, area. These services can improve your landscape’s overall look and add to your home’s value. 

Reduces Watering Needs

Watering trees is essential for tree health. A professional arborist can determine the best watering schedule for a particular tree. In general, trees need 15 to 25 gallons of water per week. However, during hotter months, they may need more water. It’s also essential to give young trees extra TLC. Young trees need to be soaked at least once a week and watered to a depth of 25 to 30 cm. The watering should be done slowly, so it seeps deep into the soil.

A water meter can measure the exact amount of water needed per plant. You can also use a watering can get an idea of how much water you need to give a tree. You should generally water a tree for about 35 to 50 minutes per tree.

Increases Photosynthesis

Tree maintenance is essential to the well-being of trees. It contributes to air quality, preserves soil, and supports wildlife. It also helps trees produce oxygen through photosynthesis. For example, one acre of forest absorbs six tons of carbon dioxide and has four tons of oxygen per year. That is equivalent to the oxygen needs of 18 people. In addition, trees filter the air we breathe by absorbing dust and other air pollutants. These particles then wash down to the ground.

Tree maintenance also helps trees get more sunlight. Trees use sunlight to make energy, and the amount of the sun reaching their leaves is directly related to the amount of photosynthesis they produce. Unfortunately, some trees have lower branches that block sunlight, making it difficult for them to produce energy. Regular trimming of trees will allow more sunlight to reach their leaves, increasing their capacity to produce oxygen.

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