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3 Key Landscape Design Tips To Transform Your Yard

Feeling as if your yard isn’t looking as good as it should? Luckily, summer is the perfect time for improving your home’s landscaping. Here are three key tips to help you get your yard in excellent shape this summer.

1. Enhance Your Lawn

You already know that the condition of your grass plays a major role in the overall appearance of your landscaping. If you want to keep your lawn looking healthy all summer long, some extra care is required. Aside from mowing and fertilizing, trim the edges regularly and aerate the lawn at least once during the summer. These extra steps will ensure that the lawn looks tidy and the grass stays green.

2. Remove Tree Stumps

Tree stumps in any yard can distract from landscaping that otherwise looks beautiful. If you’ve been putting off tree stump removal, now is the time to get the job done. Professional stump removal Orlando FL can eliminate this unsightly debris, allowing you to focus on beautifying the rest of your outdoor space. Whether you choose complete removal or stump grinding, you’ll see that getting rid of this eyesore will allow you to focus on the highlights of your landscape design.

3. Add Architectural Features

A special tip that will make your landscaping looking instantly more dynamic is to add height to your garden through the use of architectural elements. Garden arches and obelisks can be found at nearly any nursery or hardware store. When placed in a garden, these structures are ideally planted up with flowering vines. It will take some time for the vines to get fully established on the structure, but once they do, you’ll see how adding height gives your garden some extra dimension and visual interest.

A few key changes can breathe new life into any yard. By making these landscaping improvements with lawn aeration, you’ll have a beautiful yard that you’ll enjoy for seasons to come!

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