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3 Places to Re-Think Your Lighting

Home improvement projects don’t have to revolve around heavy duty upcycling. Lighting renovations can be a great way to up the attractiveness — and even resale value — of your home. Walk your home today and notice if there are any missed opportunities in any lit or unlit areas, especially in the spaces outlined below.

In the Front Yard

Creative uses of lighting can drastically change the appearance of your home. Guests and passersby will be wowed and welcomed into your home when you effectively install outdoor lighting Florida. A string of globe lights can instantly romanticize any trees framing your home, and don’t have to be relegated solely to the holiday season. Wall sconces or even pendant lighting can cultivate a warm atmosphere on a patio, inviting the more frequent usage of a previously under-utilized seating area there.

In the Bathroom

The bathroom should not be skimped on when it comes to lighting. Revisiting the fixtures there can instantly transform a standard, cookie bathroom into one of a spa-like retreat. Basket or rope pendant lights can be used to a more bohemian effect, whereas glass or globe chandeliers can speak to a clean, contemporary aesthetic. Re-thinking the lighting here may increase your desire to dwell and unwind in this space more often.

In the Kitchen

A well-lit kitchen can serve as the centerpiece or focal point of a social gathering. Consider a lit backsplash to highlight any artisanal tilework, or running a strand of light under your cabinetry for an exquisite, showroom-worthy touch. A hanging moment over a kitchen island can serve as an opportunity to have a cluster of pendant lights double as a functional art installation.

Lighting can be taken from an afterthought to a stunning focal point in your home’s design if you allow it to be. Let your individual style and taste shine through by revisiting these areas today!

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