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3 Ways to Keep Your Lakefront Property Looking Beautiful

Lakefront properties come with a lot of advantages. From swimming and boating to stunning views, there is a lot to love about living on a lake. But there is also a lot of responsibility that comes with having a lakeside home. Here are three ways you can make sure you are keeping your lakefront property in top shape.

1. Maintain Your Yard and Shoreline

The easiest way to keep your lakefront property in gorgeous shape is by taking good care of your yard and shoreline. Regularly mowing your grass, watering your yard and pulling weeds are the first steps you can take. Fertilizing your yard with a lake-safe fertilizer will keep it healthy and green. Keeping your seawall clean and removing any nearby weeds can also help your property look its best and reduce the spread of harmful flora.

2. Take Care of Your Lake Access

No matter how much of the lake touches your property, you can still take action to maintain your access points. Keeping your dock clean and free of scum and mold is one way to do so. Another way could be to take note of any invasive plant species or weeds that pop up in the water and take some action around aquatic weed control. The same goes for bugs and other pests. When using any kind of spray or chemical near the lake, make sure it is all-natural or recognized as a safe product to use near your lake.

3. Limit Waste and Damage

When re-evaluating your lakefront lifestyle, consider whether you are contributing to lake pollution or damage to the surrounding ecosystem. Boats can emit toxic chemicals and substances into the water, which may negatively affect marine life. Additionally, removing or altering the natural flora that surrounds your shoreline could have unforeseen effects on the wildlife in the area. Take stock of your habits and contribute to your lake’s environment in the best ways.

Living on a lake can come with some extra responsibilities. However, with a little planning, you can do your part to keep your property in great condition.

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