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3 Ways To Make Your Move Less Stressful

So, you’ve sold your home, and now it’s time to move. This time can be a stressful period. To avoid as much anxiety as possible, use these three time-saving tips.

Hire a Cleaning Service

Moving day may be one of the busiest times possible. Multiple people are removing a variety of items from locations in your home. Sometimes walls or cabinets get dirty, or furniture that hasn’t moved in ages will get picked up and uncover large amounts of dust and debris below. The last thing you might want to do after getting the final box on the truck is to clean your previous home for the new owners. Use a residential cleaning Olney MD service to take care of that chore for you.

Strategically Pack Critical Items

A little planning before packing can make a world of difference. Think about the items you want to have available to you first upon move-in, and place those things in a few uniquely marked boxes. There is nothing worse than searching for the sheets you need when you are tired, or for the pans when you are hungry. Your best bet is to purposefully pack all your items for unpacking using labels, color coding, etc. Then, at your new home, you and the movers can know where every box needs to go.

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

You’ve already set up the cables to your entertainment systems in your current home. You’ve hung your decorations. Instead of redoing everything at the new location, spend a few seconds as you pack putting the “accessories” with their correct objects. Purchase quick releasing painters’ tape and use it to attach the nail and hanger to the back of each picture you remove. Use more to label the cables connected to the back of your stereo. Take a photo of the entire arrangement, and you can speed up reassembly on the other end.

Moving can be a hectic time. However, these tips may help you avoid the worst of the tension that can mark some homeowner’s experiences. That way, you can relax in your new home sooner.

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