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4 Signs Your Home Has Termites

Termites are a common insect people find in their homes. As a wood consuming pest, termites can be quite destructive to both your house and its contents. It is a good idea to be able to identify when you have termites Dallas OR. Here are four signs of termites in your home.

1. Wood Damage

Termites begin eating wood from the inside. Wood that is infested with termites may sound hollow when you knock on it.

The appearance of blisters on the surface of wood elements or painted surfaces of your home is a visual clue that you may have termites eating away below.

2. Flying Swarms of Insects

Some people are not aware that termites can grow wings and fly. Swarming termites tend to appear in early spring. These flying insects are in search of mates and a new home. Even if you do not see the termites in flight, if you notice piles of insect wings around doors and windowsills, it is a good indication of termite infestation.

3. Termite Droppings

As termites chew through wood, they leave behind tiny pellet-shaped droppings. Termites will burrow a small hole to push their droppings out of the area they are feeding in, so the droppings generally appear in a small pile beneath a pin-sized hole on the surface of wood.

4. Mud Tubes

Subterranean termites, the most destructive species of this insect, will leave mud tubes or tunnels running from the ground up your home’s foundation. Mud tubes that resemble a pencil may be found dangling from ceilings and are an indication of termite activity.

Active termite colonies can quickly damage your home and belongings. When you can identify some of the first signs of an infestation, you can act quickly to eradicate these pests from your home before they become excessively destructive.

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