4 Things To Consider When Replacing Your Floors

Are you tired of your tile? Is your hardwood looking a bit drab? Maybe you’re interested in changing up the coloring for the floor. Whatever the reason, when you’re ready to upgrade your flooring, there are several essential factors to consider. After all, this decision happens only once (maybe twice) while living in a home because it is expensive and time-consuming. Take your time to think through the following elements before making a final selection.

1. Product

In the past, homeowners had a few choices. However, the world of flooring continues to expand, offering numerous options. Research various products such as tile, vinyl, hardwood and carpet. Reflect on which material would work best for your lifestyle, aesthetics and room. Consider how to clean them, durability and effect.

2. Complexity

How much time do you have for this project? Do you want something a bit simple? If so, then think about the carpet. It is easily pulled up and laid back out. Other materials take a bit of time and could create a mess. Tile replacement demands tear up, with tons of dust.

What about vinyl and hardwood. You could salvage wood with little chaos by relying on a service that specializes in the best dustless refinishing Fairfax VA. Workers could place vinyl on top of the current tile to expedite and reduce disarray.

3. Design

Take some time to layout samples of your top choices, surveying which ones look just right. Walk on them if they are large enough and test out their hardiness. Check to see if colors work with your room’s current aesthetics or deliver the impression you want to convey.

4. Price

Have a budget, and stick to it. Flooring adds up pretty quickly, so make sure you get an estimate and understand how much installation may cost.

New floors could drastically enhance your home’s appearance. Carefully consider your design goals, and then look for products that meet your objectives.

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