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5 Must-Have Items for City Apartment Living

There are some things you’ve just got to have if you plan on living in a smaller apartment in the city. These items offer convenience in your hectic life.

Arm Wrap for a Couch/Chair

Don’t have room for (or want) an end table? Get a wooden arm wrap to place on the arm of your couch or chair for your drink, book, and some other things you’d like to have beside you while lounging.

Toiletry Shelf

Have very little space in your bathroom and no shelf to put anything on? You can get a toiletry shelf that fits over your sink faucet to hold shaving razors, soap, and whatever else you’d like to have close at hand.

Shower Curtain Pockets

There are shower curtains that actually have pockets built into them. This way, you can put your shampoo, body wash, loofah, and other shower time essentials someplace other than littered around the rim of the tub.

Over-the-Sink Cutting Board

This is truly a miraculous product that allows you to chop foods and wash your produce while making the best use of your space.

Grocery Cart

It’s so much better to have a cart to lug items back to your apartment from the store. This also can be used when going to the laundromat. It can fold up into a corner when not in use.

Try out some or all of these when you live in a kips bay 2 bedroom to have more ease in your daily life.

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