Avoiding The Distractions of Remote Work Through An Established Office

If you still report to the office, or if your home has recently become your office, an established workspace is an important factor in maintaining productivity. No matter your profession, you are always engaged in a battle with improving productivity and accomplishing high-quality work in a timely manner. There are a number of distractions that make this challenging in the office amongst colleagues, but there are even more at home amongst your family.

Working from home can pose some unique situations that disrupt the typical work dynamic from what you’d experience in the office. This can be a result of administrative issues such as work assignments becoming less clear or tasks between teams becoming more challenging as a number of employees are working from home. However, it is still your responsibility to find a way to work through these issues, amongst others that are bound to arise. What you’re more likely to experience when working from home compared to the office are delays to your workflow in the form of household cleaning, cooking, attending to children, or other household chores. Which is why it’s important to prioritize creating a designated workspace away from these distractions.

Knowing that where you complete your work and what surrounds the area has a large effect on productivity, you’re tasked with choosing this space within your home while working remotely. Establishing a space that’s free from the distractions of the home is a start, but what else can contribute to a more productive workspace?

  • A Table Turned Desk: choose a surface that provides plenty of clean space for important hardware and is without clutter. If your home currently doesn’t have a desk space free due to a number of family members also working remotely, consider your kitchen or dining room table. Prioritize what should and shouldn’t be allowed on the space you’re working for the sake of productivity. Sanitize frequently to maintain clean peripherals such as your keyboard, mouse, or touchpad.
  • Your Seating Matters: ergonomic consideration is important for all the time you may have to spend working remotely. If you don’t have a chair fit for the job, purchasing one that provides ergonomic support is a great tool for your posture and increasing productivity. It’s best to avoid furniture around the home that can lead to distractions, such as the recliner in front of the TV in the living room.
  • Change the Scenery: if you’re going to be trapped inside all day, consider decorating your desk or surrounding area with interior plants. This will improve air quality and provide a pleasant sight to relieve your eyes from the screen time during the workday. In addition to this, if it’s a possibility in your home, set up your desk space near a window that provides natural light throughout the workday.
  • Stick to a Routine: establishinga routine for your remote workdays similarto the days that you’d have to go in the office is often the best choice. Showering and having a fulfilling breakfast is a great start to any workday. While remotely working, avoid any household chores and stay as far away from the TV as you can. Limiting the amount of home-related distractions you’re exposed to can create an environment that’s more similar to reporting to the office.

These are just some of the basics of getting the most out of your designated home workspace. In order to ensure the same level of productivity in the office while at home be sure to follow these tips. For more information about how to establish a home workspace, consider reviewing Deflecto’s infographic How to Create a Productive Workspace below.


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