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Care Tips for Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors look great in any home, no matter your personal tastes and overall home decor. That said, you must do your part to take proper care of your hardwood floors, so they last as long as possible. Here are some care tips for your new hardwood floors to ensure they always look their best for years to come.

Use Furniture Pads

All furniture on your hardwood floors requires furniture pads to reduce the chances of your floors becoming scratched. Pad all table, chair and sofa legs. Once your floors sustain scratches, expect to have a hard time taking care of the common problem.

Refinish Floors

Every couple of years, invest in quality floor coating Royal Oak MI. A refinish coating brings back hardwood’s original vitality, helping it look new again. The more foot traffic and use your floors endure, the more often they require a new refinishing coat.

Take Care of Spills

Whenever you spill something on your floors, clean up the mess immediately with a slightly damp or dry cloth. While mopping the mess may seem more efficient, doing so often damages floors over time because of lingering humidity that can cause floors to gap, cup and split.

Dust and Sweep

Get into the habit of running a dusting cloth or broom over your floors once a day. This may seem like a serious daily chore, but dust settles between floorboards and inside hardwood grain, causing damage over time. Do you have pets? Even if you do not allow them into the area of your home with hardwood floors, loose fur and pet dander can find its way on your floors.

Protect your investment in your hardwood floors with these maintenance tips. With a bit of diligence, you may never have to buy new floors for your home ever again.

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