Decorating On A Budget

Magazines, books, catalogs, websites. Everywhere you turn there are sweet visions of beautiful homes. It seems so hard to replicate these dream homes into reality, especially on a tight budget. Hard, but not impossible. Sometimes the hardest part is learning to step back and take a look around you, seeing what works and what doesn’t.

Do you keep items because someone gifted them to you, even though they are not your taste? Do those items fit into your vision of the home you would like to create for yourself? Learn to let go of the things you do not love. Once you have let go of the clutter, not only will you be left with items that truly represent you, there will be space around them so that they are actually visible and not lost in the clutter.

While you are taking a look around, move things around, too. A side table doesn’t have to be an actual side table, it could be a lovely crate topped with an old serving tray. Or, better yet, you could not have a side table at all, to give your room more space. Although some designers fill rooms to the brim with furniture everywhere, I tend to prefer having room to move. I am no great designer by any means, but I do know what I like. If your vision for what you want your home to be includes lots of furniture, then go for it!

Does the picture that hangs on your bedroom wall look best in that room or would it look better paired with something in your living room. While we are at it, a picture does not have to hang on the wall, it could rest against the wall while sitting on a table or mantle. Groupings of items bring more attention to them. I am not a big fan of a whole wall-scape, but there is more impact when a small plaque is hung over a mirror with ribbon than when hung alone.

Look for things that can be revived. A can of spray paint is about $1 at the local big-box store and can revive an old chest or bookshelf. Paint can transform just about anything, from an old picture frame to a bedroom suite.

Even though you may be on a tight budget, allow yourself as little as $5 a week to bring something new and refreshing into your home. Five dollars can go a long way on the $1 table of fabric for new curtains, or in buying thrift store items. Thrift stores are a great way to find classic items that can add a whole new dimension to your home. Although you might not like the fabric on a pillow, at 99 cents it is much cheaper to buy a pre-made, well-constructed pillow and recover it than to buy filler and completely make a new pillow. While you are there you might find some beautiful fabric in a pillow case, napkin or even a scarf to recover that same pillow.

Adjusting small touches and making small changes can completely change the way a room feels. Having a new view of things brightens up my day and gives me pride beyond words. Creating a beautiful home for your loved ones is something anyone can do. Just find your inspiration and work towards your dreams!

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