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Fall Electrical Safety at Home Checklist

As nights get colder, it’s just about time to check your heating systems. A routine checkup is crucial for the safety of your home. Electricity increases the comfort of our lives, but it also can become a trigger for a trouble.

To avoid this, it’s important to at least inspect all the appliances and plugs yourself. Ideally, you should find a certified electrician that will perform a complete fall check.

To help you start, we’ve selected some essential electrical safety tips that can be applied to every house.

Check Heaters

Check every heating device for proper operation. This is important both for your comfort and safety. Waking up to a cold room and not being able to heat it because of a broken appliance isn’t a great feeling.

Plus, using a damaged device may cause fire or explosion. So, it’s better to prevent such accidents and check the tech or ask a pro to do it.

Check Cords and Plugs

Another important point on our electrical safety tips list is checking all cords and plugs. They have to be intact, with no naked wires. The plugs should connect neatly to the outlets and stay there securely.

Check Water-Resistant Connections

Rain is a frequent occasion during fall, usually, and if you have areas in the house or outside that get damp and have electricity nearby, inspect them. Pay attention to your basement, maybe it needs special treatment.

Get water-resistant extension cords for such places and make sure to call a professional if you’re not sure if everything’s fine.

Create Proper Heating Conditions for Bathroom

One of the most overlooked electrical safety tips is bathroom heating. When you want to take a shower in the morning, it seems to be too cold. Many people use regular portable heaters in such cases, which is NOT recommended.

If you need a warmer bathroom, invest in special heating devices for the location, either hanging or located otherwise for your safety. Most appliances should not be present in a humid environment.

Check for Flammable or Combustible Items

While you should look out for them in summer as well when it’s hot, fall may also bring surprises. As you start heating the house, the air becomes dryer, which may contribute to the flammability of some items.

Check for the location of all kinds of paper napkins, curtains, etc. and how far they are from the heating devices. This also applies to combustible items, both solids and liquids. Keep them strategically in a dark, cool place in your house.

The Final Word

Underestimating electrical safety tips equals forgetting about your safety. We would also recommend checking your home security system to make sure if something is wrong, you can get help as soon as possible.

For that, you can look at all the detectors and wires yourself or call a trusted home security company.

Safety should never be last on the list of fall preparations! To have cozy and warm three months, spending evenings at home drinking tea while it’s raining outside, you have to know the house is safe.

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