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How to Increase the Energy Efficiency of Your Home

If you have watched your utility bills climb and you want to know how to save money on utilities, consider several ways you can improve the energy efficiency of your home. While all of these ideas will require some level of financial investment, it is important to see how you can also save in the long run financially through these investments. Many of the improvements will also increase the value and overall quality of your home.

Increase Insulation

Many homes are lacking insulation in the attic and other areas of the home and increasing or adding insulation utilizing insulation contractors Maryland will prevent less energy loss between the outside of the home and the inside of the home. Other important areas to ensure are well insulated are around doors and windows where caulk or replaced weather-stripping can help improve energy efficiency.

Upgrade Furnace and Hot Water Systems

If your furnace is from before 1991, there is a good chance it wastes much of the fuel it utilizes and so replacing it with a modern furnace will help drastically improve its efficiency. For the hot water heater, turn it to the warm setting and insulate the hot water pipes so they cool down less quickly. You can also buy slow-flow showerheads to improve your water usage and decrease your overall water consumption.

Window Replacement or Improvement

Windows are one of the easiest points for air exchange to take place from the outside to the inside and vice versa. If you have older windows, consider investing in newer energy-efficient windows or having them rebuilt. Another option is to improve current windows’ performance by replacing weather-stripping or adding storm windows.

Finally, research what rebates there may be through your utility companies for making energy efficiency improvements to your home as that will only add to your savings.

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