How To Know If Edison Bulbs Are Right For Your Bedroom

Edison bulbs are made to resemble the look of lightbulbs from an earlier time. More specifically, they are meant to resemble a lightbulb from the turn of the 20th century. This particular style of bulb can be useful or not useful in the bedroom depending on what exactly you do in your bedroom. More information about the use of the Edison bulb in the bedroom is written below.

You Want To Have Healthier Sleeping Patterns

If you are exposed to blue light right before you go to sleep, you will find yourself getting sleep of far lesser quality. That is the consensus by a wide variety of sleep experts. The problem with this is that a lot of modern-day lightbulbs produce a bluish light. As Edison bulbs cast a warm, yellowish glow, they don’t run into the same problems. So it is likely a good idea to use Edison lightbulbs in places where you usually sleep, such as your bedroom.

You Don’t Need a Powerful Light

However, while Edison bulb lighting Kansas City emits a very soothing warm light, it’s not a very powerful light. So, if your bedroom tends to double as an office, it will be difficult to see everything you need to see with Edison bulbs alone. If you’re still attached to Edison bulbs and you work in your bedroom, you probably want to use Edison bulbs and another style of bulb in your lighting. You can then use Edison bulbs right before bed and another style of bulb while working.

So, to sum it up, the Edison bulb can help you get better bedtime sleep, but you have to also be sure that they work with your regular bedroom activities. If they interfere with these activities, then the Edison bulb is not the bulb for your bedroom.

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