Importance of Early Cancer Diagnosis

Early detection of cancer is the most important component of fighting cancer. Regular screenings may help identify abnormal tissue or precancerous cells long before you have any symptoms. Unfortunately, many people go for years without getting screened for cancer.

Spotting cancer early enough increases the chances of survival. It also means treatment is more likely to be successful. Therefore, it’s best to get regular screenings and visiting a doctor when something about your body feels off.

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How early diagnosis can increase survival

As earlier mentioned, it’s easier to treat cancer when it’s diagnosed at an early stage successfully. Here are some examples of the importance of early cancer diagnosis.

Lung cancer-9 in 10 lung cancer patients will survive if diagnosed at the earliest stage. Only 1 in 5 will survive when it’s at an advanced stage.

Ovarian cancer- about 9 in 10 women will survive ovarian cancer for at least five years when diagnosed early enough. Only 1 in 10 women will survive when diagnosed at its advanced stages.

Breast cancer- almost all women will survive when breast cancer is diagnosed at the earliest stage.

Reasons why some cancers are diagnosed at advanced stages

There are several reasons for late cancer diagnoses:

  • Unawareness of possible cancer signs and symptoms
  • Failure to get an appointment in time
  • Worry of the unknown
  • Delays in referring patients for tests
  • Unclear diagnosis

When it comes to cancer, keep in mind that you are in charge of your body.  See your doctor when you notice anything unusual, no matter how small. In most cases, it won’t be cancer, but ruling it out will give some peace of mind. What’s more, your doctors can advise on how to take care of yourself to minimize the chances of getting cancer.


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