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Installing a Stone Paver Patio

You are looking for a way to add beauty to your backyard while giving your guests a place to sit when they come to visit. While there are many options to add to the ambience to the exterior of your house, installing a stone paver patio might be the least expensive while giving your yard an elegant look. Here is how to put in a patio like this.

Prepare the area

Once you have the stones, edging, and cement paver sealer purchased, you will want tie of the area you want to work in to prevent others from disrupting your work. Remove the grass and add gravel to the place then flatten it down to make your patio even. You will want to make this several inches deep so that your patio will be fairly even to the yard.

Create a Boundary

Once the area is prepared, install an edging around the patio area and secure it deep into the ground so your stones will stay in place. Add sand on top of the rock and smooth it out within the edges. Start laying out the pavers starting at the edge so they are flush against the border. Work towards the middle in the design that you have planned out.

Make It Stable

When you have the pavers where you wish them you be, add more sand to the top then brush it out over the rocks to seal in the cracks. Wet it down repeatedly so that it will pack in tight. Once you are finished with that, tap on the stones once more to make sure they are packed in and are secure in their spot. If you desire, spread sealant over the stones to protect them from the elements. Set out lawn chairs and begin enjoying your new space.

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