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Installing Your Firepit

When cooler weather arrives, you love to sit around a fire to roast marshmallows and tell stories. While going to a campground to do this is enjoyable, it would be even better is you could do this at your own home. Whether you want to build a permanent stone fixture in your backyard or wish to invest in custom fireball art, here are the easy steps to install your own firepit in your backyard.

Stake a Spot

The first thing you need to do when setting up your firepit is to find a location away from things that can catch fire. You will want to stay away a distance from your house, any sheds and your fence. Measure out the size and shape of the pit you want then dig up the dirt and make it level so you can pour the patio. You can construct it by pouring cement and letting it dry or lay out bricks or paver stones. Be sure that the patio is large enough to catch any wayward sparks that might fall from landing on the grass and starting a fire.

Building Blocks

If you want to construct your own pit, sort the bricks or stones you plan to use then lay them out in the pattern you want them to go in. Try to keep the structure as flat as possible and evenly balanced for sturdiness. Once you’ve reached the height you want it, finish the top so it looks good then fill in any gaping spaces with chunks of stone or cement to keep it standing strong. Set the metal bowl inside and secure it so that is stays in place when the fire is going. Design a fun seating area around it either by laying more paver stones or pouring more cement or by laying down gravel so that your lawn chairs have a stable place to sit.

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