Home Maintenance

Keeping Up With Your Yard

Having a large yard is a privilege, especially during warm months when you can hang out there for hours. However, unless you complete these tasks, your yard quickly becomes a scene from a horror movie.

Maintain Your Animal Population

You don’t have total control over which animals come into your yard, but you do need to maintain a healthy balance for yourself and them. This means paying for fish removal of overpopulated ponds Kent CT so that your fish have room to breathe. It also means watching out for dangerous animals, including rattlesnakes, poisonous spiders, and raccoons, and working with your local animal control to eliminate them.

Keep Up With Your Plants

A great way to reduce your animal density is to keep up with your plant growth. Rodents such as rats and mice love burrowing into long grasses, and while they may be cute, they also spread diseases and chew your furniture. Cut your grass every week to prevent infestations, and pull weeds along your driveway and patio to prevent cracks. Also, watch out for invasive species such as kudzu and English ivy, which look attractive but quickly take over your property, exterminating native species.

Wash Your Furniture

Your outdoor furniture isn’t as clean as your indoor furniture, and that’s fine. Still, give your furniture a good scrub every few months with water and eco-friendly soap. This prevents dirt and other particles from building up on your chairs and tables and clears out spiderwebs.

If you’re a first-time homeowner, it’s exciting to have your own yard in which to play with your kids and entertain guests. Don’t forget to stay vigilant about these jobs so that everyone can enjoy your outdoor space. Not only do these tasks make your yard beautiful and healthy, but they also give you an excellent workout.

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