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Materials used for Making Filing Cabinets

The design of most storage cabinets is very similar to one another and very simple in the design. Mass produced filing cabinets can be bought in various sizes and will vary in colour and material. The cost of each filing cabinet piece will be dependent on quality and the finish you have and the actual type of material you chose.

The type of filing cabinet material you decide to go for will be dependant on where the filing cabinet is going to be placed. If it is purely for storage in an office which no one is going to see, you could go for the bog standard metal filing cabinet. These tend to be the cheapest as they are more popular for the office environment and as a bonus you can buy them in many different colours.

If you wanted one which was going to be on show in your office you could chose a cheap metal one but maybe have it in a nicer colour. You could match the filing cabinet to the rest of your office furniture and the d├ęcor of the rest of the office.

Plastic filing cabinets should be avoided if you are needing something a little more heavy duty. Whilst they are cheap they are not very durable and you will not be able to fill them too much. Plastic filing cabinets can make a great paper storage facility for home if you are looking for something cheap and small.

If you are looking for a filing cabinet that is more then a storage facility picking a wooden filing cabinet can be the way to achieve that. Not only do they do the job of a filing cabinet but they can also make an attractive piece of furniture. Depending what type of wood the filing cabinet is made out of will depend on the cost of it.

Wooden filing cabinets can be a lot more expensive then metal filing cabinets. One major draw back with wooden filing cabinets is that they are not fire resistant. If there were to be a fire then none of the paper work in the filing cabinet would be safe.

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