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Protecting and Maintaining the Beauty of Hardwood Floor

Having hardwood floors in your home is actually nice. It can make us get closer to the natural life. It also makes our home look more classy and elegant. And more significantly, it increases the resale value of our home. Many people believe that this type of floor is difficult to maintain. Luckily, it is not true! Simple and Uncomplicated maintenance is required.

The lifespan and condition of your hardwood floor will depend on the way you maintain it. Few aspects must be considered in taking good care of your hardwood floors in your home. Different wood finish usually requires different type of care. Nevertheless, you can also get some basic ways of maintaining the beauty of your hardwood floors:

Always keep your wood floor dry. Do not let spills or any type of fluid stay on your hardwood floor. The spills will cause bending on your floor. When the spills occur, ensure that you wipe it off immediately with soft fabric. Don’t use dripping mats or even wet rugs on your hardwood floor. Damp rugs may trigger discoloration and dullness on your hardwood floors.

–  Always keep your floors away from excessive sun exposure. Excessive exposure to sunlight will lead to deterioration to any kind of organic material. It can make the wood floor lose its original color. It is advisable to use blinds or curtains to block sunlight from entering your house.

–  Put fabric or any soft materials under the leg of the furniture. This must be done to prevent scratch on your hardwood floor. Lifting furniture is highly recommended while moving them as it can prevent scratches on your wood floor surfaces.

Walking on wood floors with your boots and shoes can also harm your hardwood floor. Ensure that your both shoes don’t carry rocks or even anything trapped on their soles which can damage your hardwood floor. To avoid this, put doormats on your front door so any harsh elements can be dusted off before entering your home. High-heeled shoes may also damage your hardwood floors.

Keeping your wood floor clean, dust and grime free will extend the life of your wood floors. Simple and basic cleaning can make your hardwood floor nice. You may use soft brooms when sweeping your hardwood floor. The Brooms with fine ends will properly trap dusts and grime. Such dirt can damage your hardwood floor finish because they can roughen your hardwood floor.

You can also use vacuums for cleaning your wooden floors, but don’t use vacuums with beater bars as it will cause dents on your hardwood floor. It is highly recommended to use vacuum with a brush attachment.

Flooring Experts recommend that damp mopping is the proper way to clean your wood floors. Water or even any type of cleaning agents won’t damage your new hardwood floors unless the floor finish has already worn out. Make certain that your mop is damp and don’t use wet mop. You can perform mopping once a week.

Waxing your wooden floor can also be done to protect your floor because It can make your wooden floor new again. Wax can certainly protect your aged hardwood floor particularly when the floor finish has already worn out and you don’t have any plans to refinish it quickly. Wax on the wood floor can also be taken out by using damp mopping. You just need to reapply the wax to make your floor fresh and new.

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