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Residential landscape tips

Residential landscape design is really difficult job because generally the gardens have less and smaller space to work with. Nevertheless that doesn’t mean that you are unable to build a wonderful garden which will look great for decades. In this article i am going to share a few tips to ensure that your residential garden looks wonderful.

To start with, layering the flower in your garden can be a nice way to provide accents to the design and a sensation of space. In layering the flowers, you need to put the smaller plants at the front and then tallest plants at the back.

You must also consider and ensure that your garden should look wonderful at one time of the year. I highly recommend selecting plants that can make your garden attractive regardless of what part of the year it is. You need to perform a small research into which plants show its flower at which times of the year. This small research can help increase your landscaping knowledge and offer the advantage to ensure that you don’t just have a summer garden.

A proven way of ensuring that your garden will looks wonderful all year round is to plant some evergreens. Your garden will stay green all through the year and thus provide a steady background for your flowering plants. If you really want your residential garden to look nice throughout the year you need to ensure that you also have some continuity in the each season and planting evergreens can be the perfect solution.

When choosing design for your residential landscaping there are a few things to consider but that doesn’t mean it must be more difficult for you. Keep in mind to stick to the 4 basic principles – line, color, texture and form and you will certainly have a wonderful garden in no time.

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