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Rooftop Landscaping Trends

The urban jungle is one the latest landscape gardening crazes to hit the cities, and just like Europe, Britain’s most stylish cities are tapping into the trend of rooftop gardens and manageable fake grass lawns.

Urban roof gardens are not only pleasing to the eye, but they can be extremely beneficial to the environment, giving city slickers a real opportunity to promote greener living. If you are looking for more living space and somewhere to clear your head after a hard day’s work, or at the weekends, a roof terrace can be the perfect solution – and astroturf can make the stylish roof garden easy to maintain for busy professionals.

Inspiration from the Rest of the World

Japan’s cities have been most inspirational to landscape designers across the globe, and crowded city landscapes have developed some truly awe inspiring gardens such as shopping mall and office compound, Namba Parks in Osaka. Other fantastic roof gardens include the stunning Chicago City Hall terrace which was designed to improve air quality and levels of energy consumption within the building; the ACROS Fukuoka in Japan’s Fukuoka City which has around 35,000 plants and a beautiful layered effect that is just breathtaking to look at; and the uber modern-looking Nanyang Technology University in Singapore which uses the roof garden as a form of insulation for the building and shares a love for trendy design.

The world’s most incredible cities have ignited the passion for urban reinvention, and European cities have also joined the green revolution. The trend has slowly been permeating the UK but for those who don’t have time to maintain a full garden, artificial grass has been a cost effective choice. With very little care and maintenance required throughout the seasons, fake grass lawns prove to be an ideal choice for modern living in any country.

The Trend of Fake Grass Lawns for Designer Gardens

Artificial grass is no longer the stiff, artificial looking plastic grass it once was. Today, fake grass lawns can look extremely plush and natural, is soft and safe to touch for even children, and can be formed in a number of different styles. Many designer gardens use fake grass lawns for easy maintenance and all-year-round outstanding beauty.

Artificial grass gardens can pretty much look after themselves, but if you want to contribute further to the earth’s biodiversity, there is still the flexibility of adding as many plants and potted trees as you wish.

Benefits of an Artificial Lawn

The artificial grass garden is becoming a popular choice, not only with urban developments, but with homeowners everywhere looking for the ultimate garden design. Today’s artificial grass is ideal for pets and is also child safe, and can be used just as normal grass, but without the maintenance.

Rooftop terrace designers choose artificial grass for both ease and style and there are many other amazing benefits to it too. Here are just a few of the benefits of choosing artificial grass for urban roof gardens:

  • No mowing and very little maintenance required
  • No watering so you can save water
  • No more weeds
  • No need to use harmful pesticides or fertilizers
  • Gorgeous grass all year round
  • Hard wearing , beautiful looking grass for longer

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