Small Bathroom on a Budget

Ronnie and Bianca’s outdated powder room needed a major facelift. But with a budget of just $ 800, how did their room go from this to this? Find out now. First step, call a pro. Start with a local bathroom remodeling company. Ronnie and Bianca contacted Maria about a Homes and Garden’s expert. This is our current vanity. So, it’s a fine, I mean it’s, There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just nothing fancy. Yeah. The flooring is terrible. It’s just linoleum, we’ve always thought about doing more with tile.

There’s a lot of easy installs. Parts of options now that are great for do- it- yourselfers. So the most important thing when you’re starting to plan any sort of makeover is take measurements first so that you know what you can fit in a space and how much things are going to cost when you multiply it by the amount of square footage you have. Maria suggests removing the vanity in favor of a pedestal sink to make the 5 by 5 room feel more spacious. To create a modern look, Bianca and Ronnie will install a new floor, back splash, and wainscoting.

Now the hard part, finding options that stay within their $ 800 budget. With their products chosen, Bianca and Ronnie start their installation. Doing it themselves Ronnie and Bianca saved on labor costs. Because their budget was a little tight, they decided to make a few pieces of art. Wrapping a canvas with fabric is one easy way to add a pop of color. Once the shelves were installed, it was just a matter of adding some accessories and this bathroom was finished. By focusing on a few major updates, including a new sink, floor, backsplash and saving costs with DIY art, Bianca and Ronnie renovated their small bathroom for just $ 720, $80 under budget. Now they have a modern room that maximizes space.

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