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Steps on Septic System Installation

When you are installing a septic system on your property, there are many things that need to be done. Ever property is different, so it makes sense that not all septic systems are the same. Septic Engineering & Design companies have to do a thorough check of the property in order to determine the best design for your needs.

Here’s a few things that a septic system company will do to ensure they install the right septic system for your home.

Percolation Test

The first thing a contractor will do before installing a septic system is perform Soil & Percolation Tests. These tests are usually performed by a neutral third party to ensure the results are accurate.

These tests are the first step before you can have a functioning septic system installed. Percolation is the way liquids pass through a filter. In this case, it refers to how fast the wastewater gets absorbed by the gravel and soil in the leach field. If the soil absorbs the water too quickly or to slowly, it might not filter the water enough for it to safely enter the groundwater. The whole point of the septic system is to allow the water to be filtered before returning to the water cycle. If the filtering isn’t don’t properly, the groundwater is polluted with waste.

Septic System Design

From the results of the percolation test, your contractor will begin making a plan for your Septic System. If the soil absorbs the water too quickly, they might install a mount style septic system which adds more soil, gravel, or sand to filter the water better.

The amount of waste the property produces will also determine the size of the septic tank and how much space will be needed for the leach field. Your contractor can take into account your budget, but the type of system needed for your property will be the most important part.

Your septic system should last for years without any issues if properly maintained and inspected. If the system you install isn’t the right fit for your needs, it could cause the system to get overworked and fail. Hiring the best contractor to create a septic plan is the best way to avoid wasting money on a septic system that will ultimately cost you more money in the long run.

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