Things to know about Laminate and Harwood Flooring

Wood floors never go out of style. They come in variety of styles and can add to your property value. Cheap Hardwood floors are available in several kinds of materials. Even environmentally sound options that are produced from sustainable forests are available, reclaimed wood is also available. If you are planning to install new wood flooring make sure you choose a wood that not only blends with the look you want for your home but also is dimensionally stable for your region.
Materials and price

Woods are available in a variety of stains, widths and finishes. Wooden planks can be either engineered wood or solid wood. Engineered woods can be directly affixed to a concrete floor, solid wood on the other hand needs a subfloor of plywood to be affixed. Always seek the help of professionals when you are getting wood floors affixed in your house.
Maintenance and Refinishing of wooden floors.

If your house already has wood floors then you could get a refinishing job to give a new look to the floor. Avoid doing this on your own as it is a tedious process and unless you are sure of what you are doing avoid doing the job on your own.
Laminate flooring

If you want to cut down on costs, then laminate flooring is a great option. It is cheaper, easier to install and easy to maintain too. Today laminates look like original wood.

The price of laminate flooring varies with style and quality. Generally speaking, the cost of laminate flooring will be one-third of the cost of a traditional wood floor.

As far as installation is concerned quick-install laminates give you the chance to easily upgrade your floor. You could even DIY. These planks have tongue and groove edges so they just get fixed in the corners. Laminates can be directly applied any kind of surfaces except carpets.

This surface is very easy to maintain. A vacuum cleaner with the brush attachment or a damp mop with plain water or a mild solution of water and vinegar should easily clean the surface. As with wood you should not use abrasive objects on this surface. Use protective pads for furniture legs.

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