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Three Hallmarks of a Good Home Contractor

Some home improvement projects can be done by the owner, but many projects require specialized equipment and expertise or are just too large in scale for a layperson to complete. Contractors are a must when it comes to such tasks as excavation, room additions and electrical work—but what are some musts when it comes to contractors?


Naturally, safety must be priority number one. Contractors must clearly mark work zones and keep equipment properly stored when not in use, especially if children are likely to be around construction areas such as when the family is living in the home during renovation. In a building where asbestos, lead or mold may be present contractors must ensure proper removal and disposal of all hazardous material. Contractors must show concern for the safety of their crews as well, employing OSHA recommendations for fall safety, ladder use and electrical precautions.


You know crews should clean up at the end of each workday, but also pay attention to debris accumulation while working. Cleaner work areas are safer, so workers should not allow heavy objects to fall without warning and they should remove large tripping hazards as soon as practical.  They need to protect areas of the home which are not under construction by using plastic screens and tarps. Pay attention to how clean and well-maintained their equipment is: air compressors need donaldson compressed air filters;ladders and scaffolding should appear sturdy; heavy equipment like cranes and earth movers should not be caked with excessive grease or mud from the last job. Keeping equipment in top shape is an indicator of top-notch work.


Look at past jobs done by this contractor and pay attention to small details; sloppiness anywhere may indicate neglect everywhere. Do window treatments fit correctly, do doors and drawers close completely, do trim pieces fit? During the interview and planning stages, note how effectively you and your contractor exchange ideas. No matter how large or small the project, good communication is crucial throughout the process.

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