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Tips for Your Next Garage Sale

To have a successful garage sale you should follow these simple tips.


Measure the size of your driveway and front yard so you know how much available space you have to set up. Plan how many folding tables you will need and where they will go. You want your customers to easily walk around and be comfortable while they are browsing. Avoid overcrowding aisles between tables. Place large items around the perimeter to catch the eye of anyone passing by. If your yard looks dirty or unorganized, people will not feel invited. Use bright-colored tablecloths and hang up a few signs to welcome people in. Label items clearly and use price tags to mark high-ticket items. Organize smaller items into different bins to separate things by price or type.


Keep the area safe by cleaning up and garbage that might be laying around. Put a trash can toward the front of your yard to encourage people not to bring in any food or drinks. Make sure any electrical cords are covered by mats or taped down to prevent a tripping hazard. Cars backing out of your driveway can be very dangerous especially if children are present. Place cones at the end of your driveway to prevent any cars from pulling in or backing out. Once your driveway is safely blocked off you can use the space to display additional items. Items displayed on the ground can be hard to move around and difficult to view or pick up. If you run out of table space and must place items on the ground, spread out a clean blanket or sheet to neatly arrange the items on. Offer to help load large items into customers’ vehicles so they don’t hurt themselves.

Remember these important tips for your next garage sale.

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