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Ways To Make Moving Week Less Stressful

Most people think of moving as a stressful event. Surveys have found 47% of households taking on the task report experiencing increased stress levels and many even found it to be hectic at times. While it may not be possible to eliminate all the stress, there are lots of steps you can take to prevent chaos and make the job go smoothly. If you have an upcoming relocation, whether it’s across town or across the country, it’s best to get planning early. To help, here are a few ways to make moving easier in the time leading up to the big day.

The first step is to make a moving timeline checklist. There are a seemingly endless number of tasks involved in a relocation. From arranging the transfer of utilities to scheduling a pet- or babysitter, the little things add up fast and may become overwhelming if left too late. A checklist helps put these tasks in order, not merely in terms of what to do, but when to do it.

Fortunately, there are several online templates and tools you can reference if starting from scratch isn’t in the cards. You might also consider reaching out to the moving company you plan to utilize for a handy guideline. Such professional services could even streamline the process for you with packing and unpacking, climate-controlled storage and a range of industry solutions to all your moving needs.

Aside from starting early, devising a checklist and seeking professional support, you could also put together a home inventory sheet. Going room by room, make a detailed list of all your possessions. As you do so, make note of any you wish to donate, sell or recycle to lessen the load. After all, the fewer items you have to pack, the less time it will take to unpack and unwind once the move is complete. Lastly, keep track of household items that may need special handling, as it might truly come in handy for the moving team.

As the time to moving day gets closer, plan to consume any perishable products or food items. Not only can this reduce waste, but it works to condense what needs to be packed or purchased from the store. Be sure to empty the kitchen cabinets, pack what you can in advance, defrost the freezer if needed — and don’t save these time-consuming tasks until the end. A final word of advice is to take this adventure in stride and focus on the positives of moving to a new home!

Looking for more moving tips? Check out the accompanying resource for a handy breakdown of what to do in the week leading up to moving day.

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