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What is Trenchless Pipe Lining?

Imagine the possibility of repairing underground pipe leakages without having to dig trenches? Isn’t that wonderful and less tiresome? Well, trenchless pipe lining technology has turned that into a reality.

Trenchless pipe lining refers to a form of subsurface construction using civil engineering technology that utilizes little or no trench digging in the installation, replacement, or repair of existing underground pipes. The technology helps minimize disturbance and the overall construction costs. In this article, you will understand how trenchless piping works in a step-by-step format, the various applications and benefits of trenchless lining, and the reliability of these pipes. Read on to find out more.

How Does the Trenchless Lining Tech Work?

The basis of this trenchless lining technology can be explained in three phases.

The initial step entails the preparation of the pipeline to be replaced or repaired. This means that the pipe has to be removed from active service utilizing diversion or through the use of a tank installed temporarily to prevent the sewer from passing through the piping. Then, the pipe will be cleaned, commonly using manual cleaning or high-pressure jets, or both. Cleaning aims to eliminate corrosion or debris in the pipe, ensuring that the lining fits as close as possible to the original pipe, increasing the ample capacity. At times, a specialist will remove the defective parts in the original piping, especially parts that affect the diameter negatively.

The second step is the lining phase, where a Cure in Place pie Lining with resin saturation is pulled in or winched for installing. The lining is inflated with high-pressure water or compressed air to put it in place. Once installed, it is then cured using hot water, ultraviolet light, steam, or the rare option- ambient temperature.

The final step, or the post-curing phase, involves cooling the pipe to harden it in place. After hardening, the ends are removed by cutting off, which leaves the pipe flushed and ready for sealing. Any water used in the curing process is removed and safely disposed of before the final inspection and testing. Inspection and testing are for ensuring that the piping meets the required standards and specifications.

What is The Application of Trenchless Piping?

Trenchless piping is good for repairing or replacing old broken, leaking, or rusted underground pipes. These can be residential sewer pipes, a town’s sewer system, or commercial sewer lines. It is a great way of repairing such pipers without digging trenches throughout the area to replace the old and worn-out piping.

What are the Benefits?

Trenchless lining technology has a lot of benefits for homeowners and authorities in charge of the piping systems. Some of these benefits include:

  1. Cost Reduction During Pipe Restoration- Repairing and replacing old and worn-out trench pipes is expensive. You have to buy a new piping system, pay for transportation, and pay the workers to dig trenches, repair or replace the pipes. However, with the new trenchless technology, you only have to install a new lining. That cuts down the cost by approximately 50 percent.
  2. It is fast-With no need to evacuate the old piping systems, the time for doing the whole job is reduced significantly. All that is done is preparation, cleaning, curing, and installation, which can be done in no time.
  3. It is Safe, and There is No Need to Vacate- This method of repairing old trench pipes is safe since no open ditches are dug during the process. The occupants in the areas do not have to be afraid of foul smells or diseases since there are no black or gray water leakages. It is perfectly safe, and they do not have to evacuate during the process.
  4. The Service is Cost-Effective- The trenchless technology is a cost-effective method, which means that the service providers render fast, efficient, and cost-effective services. They get to retain most clients, and hence good business on their part.

Final Thoughts

As seen, the trenchless pipe lining technology has revolutionized the pipe replacement industry. It attracts more people because of its cost-effectiveness, safety, and efficiency. Furthermore, it is fast and does not create disturbance to the environment or those around the area. It is a technology that is changing the market as we know it.

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