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Some people call this self-sufficiency, but that’s boring. Also, at least for me, a lot of these are things that I’d ONLY do if the world did indeed go KABLOOEY! and not before.

Let me just say here that I don’t really believe that the world is going to go KABLOOEY! I don’t want to go to survivalist training school. Animal husbandry leaves me cold. Sometimes I get excited about buying some land, raising my own (vegetable) food, and living off the “grid”, but then I go look at land and the feeling goes away. Hee hee, I mean come ON, I’ve never even been camping. And I don’t ever WANT to go camping.

Though I will admit, I love, Love, LOVE the Mother Earth News. Just as much as I love the suburbs. Sigh. Sometimes it’s hard to be me.

Nah. I’m pretty sure I’ll always have a store right around the corner to get what I need. But just in case…..

(Some of these things I can do, and some I can’t. I just mixed them all up together, and just for fun you can try to guess which is which. The KABLOOEY! list is a work-in-progress.).

    • Knit my own socks.
    • Bake bread without a breadmaker.
    • Use a solar cooker.
    • Raise my own food.
    • Know my way around firearms.
    • Sew my own clothes. With a needle, not a sewing machine.
    • Wash clothes without electricity and a washing machine (Yuck!).
    • Raise sugar cane so I will have plenty of candy if the world goes KABLOOEY!
    • Knowledge of Basic First Aid Skills.
    • Birth some babies.
    • Knowledge of herbal remedies, and what herbal remedies look like before they are herbal remedies .
    • Lay in emergency supplies.
    • Get some muscles.
    • Have a solar powered generator.
    • Drink water.

Come to think of it, have solar powered everything.


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