Three Ways to Turn Your Bedroom Into a Luxurious Suite

Of all of the rooms in your home that you’d love to make comfortable and relaxing, your bedroom should take top priority. It’s the most important space that’s meant to be a personal retreat where you can relax, unwind and feel safe and at ease. With a little redecorating, you can transform your basic bedroom into a lavish retreat that’s begging to be enjoyed.

Upgrade to Ornate Furniture

To give your room an instant facelift, switch to some ornate french country furniture and add instant drama and luxury to the space. Poster beds with upholstered headboards can help you feel like royalty when you drift off each night. Choose nightstands and dressers with ornate details and scrolling for a classic and timeless look that will transform your room.

Decorate With Indulgent Fabrics

Luxury isn’t just about the way your bedroom looks; it’s also about how it feels. Choose linens and pillows with high thread counts and made from high quality fabrics to make your new bed extra inviting. If you’re looking for something super soft, give pima cotton a try. Consider installing a canopy over your bed for a gorgeous focal point with an opulent feel. Select oversized curtains or drapes with multiple layers for an extravagant window treatment.

Splurge on Fancy Light Fixtures

A simple dome light or ceiling fan can make a room feel dull. Instead, keep things glamorous with pendant lighting and chandeliers as the finishing touch in your newly designed bedroom. Swap the lamps on your bedside table for sconces installed directly on the wall. Recessed lighting with dimmers allows you to control the look of the room by adjusting the glow to your preference day and night.

Give yourself the extravagance you crave with the comfort you deserve by transforming your bedroom into a truly upscale suite. You just might love having the perfect escape right in your own home.

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