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4 Ways To Reduce Erosion in Your Yard

Soil erosion isn’t merely an aesthetic problem. The loss of topsoil in the area surrounding your home can leave your plants in an environment that isn’t suitable for growth. Additionally, the foundation of your home may become ill-supported. Consider several things you can do to stop erosion in its tracks.

1. Create a Rain Garden

A rain garden is essentially a patch of moisture-loving plants that help absorb excess water on your property. It’s important to plant these gardens in areas where water is prone to running. To help water flow without carrying soil with it, you could also create small riverbeds with natural rock.

2. Sow New Grass

A primary approach to erosion control Southern California is supplementing your grass. The roots of the new grass will help make your soil more stable, preventing it from washing away. There are different ways to seed your lawn, including by hand and via hydroseeding.

3. Plant Ground Cover

Similarly, planting vegetation that covers large surfaces of your yard is a smart way to deter erosion. Some ground cover is simple, while others could act as the centerpiece of your space. Creeping thyme, for example, offers vibrant purple blooms.

4. Apply Mulch

Finally, mulch is a great way to absorb and retain water. This not only prevents erosion but also aids your plants when the weather turns dry. Mulch can be made of many different types of organic matter. You can buy mulch at a garden store or even make your own by mixing leaves, wood chips, and similar materials.

Your yard is a key component of your property. Beyond its potential for curb appeal, this area is a place where you are your family can enjoy the outdoors. Your lawn also has a big impact on your house itself, which depends on soil for stability. Consider what you can do to stop the process of erosion on your land.

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